Welcome to GLC Web Design Hull

The majority of people now start their search for products or services online, so it is important for a business to have a website.
GLC web design Hull can help you every step of the way with the creation and promotion of your business online.

So why choose us:

web design hullThere are lots of things to consider when choosing a website and lots to think about – many small businesses are too busy working in their business to consider things like:-

  • Domain name What should it be? Where do you buy it?
  • Hosting – How? Who? Where?
  • Build – Who will collate all the information and make it look good?
  • Design – What should the site look like?
  • Content – What information should we give our customers?
  • Keeping it live – How will people find us?
  • What to offer – Sales, Promotions, Ideas
  • Keeping up with technology – Mobile Phones, SEO, Social Media.

This is why you need someone that can look after all of this for you at a budget you can afford.

What we offer:

You own your site – Similar companies offer a templated “rented” option. You pay for the site to be built but you never own that site. With GLC Web Design once the site is paid for it is yours!

Our sites are built in WordPress – This means you can add to your site as your business grows, not only that WordPress is a market leader in website provision and search engines (i.e Google) love WordPress!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Service – We build your site, host it and purchase or transfer your domain name. We then give you the log ins to be able to access it. Every website is built in the colours and branding of the customers business and logo.

So what next?:

  • Choose your package from STARTER, BUSINESS or PRO
  • CONTACT US to let us know which package suits you, your domain name, colour scheme etc.
  • Provide content – logo’s, images, text, any other specifics
  • The site will be proofed before it goes live